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Post  Maestro on Thu 23 Apr 2009 - 11:14

ANGELS OF MERCY was a 1942 tribute film about the American Red Cross showing how the United States was working to help Europe by raising money for the Red Cross. In the film Deanna Durbin sings Roses Of No Man's Land.

Angels Of Mercy Cross011


I've seen some beautiful flowers
Grow in life's garden fair
I've spent some wonderful hours
Lost in their fragrance rare
But I have found another
Wondrous beyond compare

There's a rose that grows on No Man's Land
And it's wonderful to see
Though it's sprayed with tears, it will live for years
In my garden of memory

It's the one red rose the soldier knows
It's the work of the Master's hand
Mid the War's great curse, Stands the Red Cross Nurse
She's the rose of "No Man's Land"

Out of the Heavenly splendour
Down to the trail of woe
God in his mercy has sent her
Cheering the world below
We call her "Rose of Heaven"
We've learned to love her so

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